Danish teachers judge student strip contest

Students of a Danish secondary school perform an annual strip tease competition for teachers – and the winners get to sit in the best seats in the canteen.

The Metro reports that the competition is provoking “outrage” among education chiefs, but the school insists the “tradition” will carry on.

It was only discovered after students filmed part of the competition on their phones and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Some of the girls this year stripped naked and began to touch each other’s breasts – then started rubbing baby oil over each other’s bodies…

The girls were only stopped from going further by teachers.

The headmaster is not too concerned. Indeed, in a quote which reveals how truely creepy it is to have teachers judge a stripping contest put on by their own students, he said:

“And anyway, the girls who did this didn’t win the competition because their performance was over the top.”

Ever committed to its journalistic principles, you can actually watch the footage on The Metro’s website.

Photo by Jimmie xx, shared under a Creative Commons license