New features! New reviews!

This months features and reviews went up last night – well, most of them did:

A hairy dilemma

Women are signed up at puberty for a lifetime of relentless hair removal. But, asks Emma Chaplin, if the alternative is pariah status and the laughter of children, what can a feminist do?

Rape – is it our fault?

Anti-rape campaigns spend too much time trying to scare the wits out of women, while perpetrators are all but ignored, argues Dwysan Edwards

A Bride by Any Other Name

When Eleanor Turner announced that she would not be changing her name after walking down the aisle, and instead her new husband would take on her surname, reactions ranged from shock to annoyance. She considers why breaking with tradition provokes such strong feelings

The Feminine Mistake

When Leslie Bennetts urged women to stay in the workplace after starting a family, she outraged millions of Americans. JC Sutcliffe reviews the lessons we can take away from her book – and its limitations

300 Spartans and one strong broad

Sword-and-sandles epic 300 is a bit Spartan when it comes to dishing out historical accuracy, but Rosamund Urwin finds plenty to admire in this latest adaptation of a Frank Miller graphic novel