New Guest Blogger: Kate Smurthwaite

kate.jpgThis month, stand up comic Kate Smurthwaite is going to be joining the regular crew of F Word bloggers to contribute a guest column. You can read more about her here.

Kate also maintains her own blog at Cruella-Blog, so you can check out her past scribblings there.

Now I’ll pass you over to Kate for her first blog post:

Hello readers, this is my first post as guest blogger so a part of me feels I should be posting a call to feminist arms, a brief review of my life so far or laying out my manifesto for an eco-friendly woman-run world order. I’m not going to. Instead I was thinking about babies!

Relax, I’ve not decided to give up stand-up comedy and start my own pink and lilac nursery, I was thinking instead about pregnancy and the massive physical and emotional journey it must be.

The decision to have a baby or not (insofar as we get to make that decision) is huge and yet there’s very little out there charting the actual experience. For those of us who’ve never done it, it remains a mystery. Of course there are plenty of stories about women determined to have a baby against all odds – that suits the media very nicely cos it carries the “remember girls, that’s all you’re here for” message – and shows pregnancy in a 100% positive light. But realistic pros-and-cons stories are generally from a male perspective (About A Boy, Maybe Baby, etc).

So I was really fascinated to read this fabulous blog It’s Only Nine Months … but it feels like maternity, which is a witty but honest record of one woman’s first pregnancy. Also she happens to be a friend of mine! It’s pretty detailed so put the kettle on first and then sit back and give it a good read. Meanwhile I’ll go and work on the eco-feminist manifesto…