The Best Way to Beat Objectification – do it yourself…

In the rush to convince us that we are in a post-feminist era, clothing designers have decided to get in on the act. And why not – us “post-feminist” (/end irony/) women have more disposable income now because of all that feminist work in the past three decades. (Note not as much as equivalent men do, but who’s counting right?). So now, to prove your post-feminist credentials you can wear a t-shirt proudly proclaiming “Will Fuck for Shoes” and other such witticisms. (You may not I’m having a sense of humour failure over this one!).

Embroidered Section Says = “Insatiable Little Thing”

Embroidered Section Says = “I Love Porn”

Embroidered Section Says = “I Like It Rough”

Embroidered Section Says = “Will Fuck For Shoes”

All From Lochers

One other thing of note, if this is meant to be post-feminist empowerment how come the “advertising” images are stereotypical and how come the slogans are all so heteronormative? The advertising images rely on the notion of the “sweet little woman” and the irony is meant to be in the t-shirt slogans – the photo’s rely on the notion of patriarchally defined femininity (receiving chocolates, knitting, darning, reading (love) letters, with nature (but note only “birds”, another witticism?) and so forth). So why the need to have the model drinking milk or eating cream (photos 1, 2 and 9)? (The subtext being that milk or cream stands in for ejaculate and is a reference to the “money” or cum shot in pornography). Or with what we presume is either chocolate or faeces smeared over her face (photo 15)? Or using bondage style imagery (photo four – note her wrist is bound and the cloth goes round her neck designating the ability to strangle her).

Oh and for a final thing, she does accessories too. Including this one

Petite Salope means “little slut” in a generous translation, or little whore or little bitch if you are after accuracy. Imagine how special your female friends would feel if they were given that!