Another feminist carnival!

The latest feminist carnival is out now at Laurelin in the Rain. It’s a really good edition. As usual, here are a few of my favourite picks, after a quick skim read:

  • Diary of a Goldfish posts about the many and offensive assumptions made by Tesco when they sent her a free sample of male beauty products, for her to persuade her assumed male partner to apply. Favourite line: “What am I supposed to do with these things? Administer them myself while the great hairy big-fingered beast is fast asleep?”

  • Teetering Slightly considers the pros and cons of Beth Ditto’s recent, naked appearance on the cover of NME. It also includes excerpts from an opinion piece by Germaine Greer which appeared in The Guardian, which is also well worth a read.

  • Alfa King posts about a fascinating newspaper in Madhya Pradesh, India, which is run “by women, for women and to women”

Photo by Liz Henry, shared under a Creative Commons license