Gatwick Flightpath Advertising causes controversy

This is the face of the man who sees nothing wrong in this advert visible only from a plane landing or taking off from Gatwick airport.

Stripper Advert

Flightpath Media, the company who actually created the advert, are so proud of it they have it in their “Campaign Showcase”, along with this other creation which also got them into trouble.

Lynx Advert

Back to Mr Pearson, however, who claims that there are no grounds for scrapping the image, despite Tandridge Local Council demanding it’s removal because of lack of planning permission. (For more on this see here). Oddly Sports Media Gaming Ltd seem less keen to flaunt their achievements on their website but do tell us that his previous experience was with football advertising, again as bastion of sexism.

Interesting to contemplate whether (a site offering internet streamed video of strippers) counts as sport, media or gaming, I suspect the second. It’s website claims that:

“Welcome to” the world’s newest and hottest private dance experience where you can watch girls from around the world entertain you in the privacy of your own home, and right now on your mobile telephone.


Of course most people would recognise internet pornography, live streamed or otherwise, as neither new nor innovative. Nor indeed is the promise of meeting the girls with all it’s implied allure of prostitution.

You will be able to participate in competitions to win trips to meet the girls, attend casting sessions and video shoots !! We will be letting you know the places and times you can meet them in the flesh as well. So what are you waiting for – “it’s Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere” – You’re in Control!