New Features! New Reviews!

world cupcakesIn the first installment of this month’s bumper update, we have some fabulous stuff for you to read. But check back soon, because we’ll be keeping it coming over the coming days.

First impressions

Feminists are caricatured as ugly and fat by society. Assuming a recruitment drive for swim-suit models is off the table, Samara Ginsberg considers what we can do to fight back

Female commentator kicks off barrage of sexism

A woman commentating on the beautiful game? Whoever heard of such a thing. Katherine Stanton confronts the sexist response to Jacqui Oatley’s first stint on Match of the Day

A feminist guide to ballet

From body image to ultra-femininity, ballet has a bad rap with feminists. Returning to classes for the first time in 15 years, Jess McCabe finds her inner ballerina

Loose Women

Loose Women portrays itself as feisty television fun, argues Dawn Kofie, but it patronises the female viewing public

The circle of expectations

We all like a good laugh. But, George Mason argues, the antics of Oxford’s improv troupe reveal the lingering shadow of gender stereotypes

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