Not sure how much I can say on this without spitting feathers….

Commentator Debbie Schlussel has interpreted the results of this study as follows:

The conclusion they want you to get from this is that pro-life Congressmen are insensitive to women and don’t have contact with any.

But I’d draw a different conclusion: Congressmen who are liberal are more likely to have slutty daughters. And therefore, they are more likely to support abortion for selfish, personal reasons.

Another conclusion: If you are pro-life, don’t vote for candidates with daughters.

From Debbie Schlussel

Feministe also has a post on the same issue in which one of the comments concludes:

I thought it was satire too. I spent a good 30 minutes searching around on her site and Googling her before I determined that she is, in fact, for real.

Jill’s comment on Feministe