PlayStation plays misogynist again

Of all the big companies in all the world, none do so much to alienate their huge female customer base as Sony – at least where its PlayStation brand is involved. (OK, these guys are worse.)

Check out this ad that ran in India for the PS2:

In case you can’t make out the text at the bottom, it reads: “PS2, because your girlfriend bores you shitless”.

Here’s another one from the same series, both courtesy of

I’ve just switched my loyalty from PlayStation to Nintendo (my partner bought me a Wii a couple of weeks ago), partly because of other reasons, but also because of the never-ending series of insulting and annoying ads that Sony feels are appropriate to advertise its consoles. Surely we can’t be the only ones turned off by this? While other players in the games industry are seeking to court female gamers, whether or not this consists of insultingly pink-based products, Sony seems to be on a mission to establish itself as the choice of sexist lads everywhere.