US woman charged after drugs discovered in still-born’s system

An Oklahoma woman has been charged with first-degree murder, because her still-born baby had drugs in his system, reports KOTV.

Tests on Theresa Lee Hernandez’s still-born baby found methamphetamines, but over 150 medical and health groups oppose the prosecution, and have sent a letter of protest to the authorities – noting that it is unlikely that drug use was to blame.

As Dr. Dana Stone, the Oklahoma state chair for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and one of the experts signing the letter, explained: “Stillbirths and miscarriages are unfortunately a risk of pregnancy for all women. Prosecuting women for pregnancy loss based on what they allegedly did or didn’t do will only deter women from seeking prenatal care and drug treatment, and that’s ultimately bad for babies.”

(via Women of Color Blog)