African Leaders Call for Safe Abortion

Representatives of the governments of ten african nations have called for legalisation of safe abortion in their countries and across Africa. They are, of course, partially hand-tied by the President Bush’s withholding of any funding to charities which promote or carry out safe abortions. The countries are Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Kenyan Vice President Moody Awori said pointed up the statistics that of the 68,000 women who die of unsafe abortion each year, 30,000 are in Africa. Not only that but in Kenya alone, as many as 15,000 girls drop out of secondary school annually due to unplanned pregnancies. Sexual violence is widespread in Africa and in some places sex with a virgin or young girl is still colloquially said to be a cure for AIDs.