New anti-pornography blog

Anti-Pornography Activists (or those wanting to do sometime on this) should check out this new blog – 101 Things to Do to Combat Pornography. A random selection of suggestions include:

23. Write your government representatives and elected officials, (mayor, members of Congress, Governor, President, etc.), and ask them what they are doing to combat the harms of pornography in their respective spheres of responsibility, and what you as a citizen can do to help. See government contact info here. Also see information from the Department of Justice on what you can do about pornography here.

(For UK bods like us helps you track UK MPs.)

40. Start a local group of people who want to do something about pornography and organize and carry out activism together. Group action that is carried out in person often has more impact and is more effective. The community connection service offered at Meet can be very helpful with this. See an example of an anti-pornography Meet Up group in Grosse Pointe, Michigan here, (Radical Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography), and how to start your own “Meet Up” group here.

Again for UK bods there are already Anti-Pornography Groups in action – most organise using YahooGroups.

56. Do what WookieFragger did at, which was to flag pornographic content there which resulted in it getting removed. (He did it by setting a video trap, as described in his video “my anti-porn message”.)

As balance anyone wanting to support anti-censorship and feminism can go to Feminists Against Censorship for info.