Sun Woman says “Stop Rape Now”

The Sun Woman has launched a ‘Stop Rape Now’ campaign, calling for better funding for rape crisis centres, more specially trained police officers and CPS barristers, a dedicated 24-hour telephone helpline for victims and an increase in the number of Sexual Assault Referral Centres.

The article introducing the campaign highlights recent cases of appallingly cases, including the case last week of a judge showing leniency to a man convicted of raping a ten year old girl who had been ‘dressed provocatively’ and a barrister saying a teenage rape victim may have been ‘glad of the attention’ because she was fat at the time of the attack.

Alongside this is the news that the government has pulled funding for Rape Crisis centres, meaning that up to half of existing centres across England and Wales will face closure or severe cuts this year.

Go here to sign their petition – and good on a mainstream newspaper for putting the issue so unequivocally:

“There is no denying that a woman can ruin a man’s life by falsely crying rape, but the number of women who do that is tiny. False or malicious claims account for just three per cent of allegations […] if judges can’t set a good example, is it any wonder that rapists think they can get away with their crimes? […]NO ONE asks to be raped and it is 100 per cent the perpetrator’s fault”

(Thanks to a LFN reader for the tip-off!)