42nd Carnival of Feminists

The 42nd Carnival of Feminists is up at Uncool and has a whole host of brilliant posts. These are two of my personal favourites:

Jill at Feministe picks up on the question ‘how much time should she do’? That is, if an embryo is a “person” from the point of fertilization, with the same rights as a born human, then abortion is murder. OK then. If a woman has an abortion, how much time should she do? Pro-lifers don’t seem to have the answer to this. And, as Jill points out, making a legal equivalence between fertilized embryos and born humans raises more questions than it solves:

“If life starts at conception, and from the moment of fertilization an egg is a full-fledged human being with the same rights as you or I, what do we do about calculating the death rate? The miscarriage rate? What do we do about all those embryos in fertility clinics? Do we force women to implant them and carry them to term? If not, how do we justify forcing women to carry naturally-implanted pregnancies to term? If the answer is that no, we don’t force women to be implanted with embryos, but we don’t kill the embryos either — we just let them be — then would it be ok for pregnant women to simply remove their embryos/fetuses without purposely killing them and just hope for the best?”

Meanwhile, Sassywho at I never leave the house without an incident has a fantastic riposte to Representative John Adams’ proposal that women should obtain written consent from the father of the foetus before being allowed to have an abortion. Adams sensitively proposes that, for those cases where the father is unknown, a list of possible fathers should be submitted and paternity tests run in order to obtain consent. As Sassywho puts it: “A very big fuck you is in order”. But how’s this for a brilliant suggestion?

Every woman who seeks an abortion should list Rep. John Adams as the father. Don’t wait until the bill is passed, start now, but if it was to pass it would be hysterical, in fact provide as many potential fathers as possible here’s a short list to get you started:

1. George W Bush, hell throw in Senior and Jeb just for kicks.