A police officer tells it like it is…

A female police officer has a blog. In that blog, she reveals some very interesting things about the way rape cases are treated by the police and criminal justice system. For example, in this post, PC Bloggs compares the notes made by the supervising officer in her force’s incident control log:

1. Incident:

Caller reporting her 17-year-old daughter was raped last night by two named offenders after going out drinking at her local pub. Daughter is very distressed and sore.

Update from supervisor:

Officers to attend and establish the following:

1. Is the daughter making an allegation?

2. Names and descriptions of alleged offenders.

3. How much alcohol was consumed?

4. If allegation is being made, locate scene.

5. Will the victim attend court?

6. If allegation could be true, will she consent to a medical?

2. Incident:

Caller reporting her 18-year-old son was raped last night by a male known to him, following a party at his house. Son is in pain and upset.

Update from supervisor:

Officers to attend and establish the following:

1. Locate the crime scene.

2. Arrange medical examination and take victim to rape suite.

3. Name/description of offender.

4. Preserve forensic evidence, seize clothing.

Yeah. Exactly.

Here, she satirises the steps you should take to make sure of a conviction, if you are being raped.

(Via abyss2hope and the latest carnival against sexual violence, and Reclusive Leftist.

N.B. PC Bloggs also has a book coming out.

Photo by hi-tekznologik, shared under a Creative Commons license