From protests in Kenya to Hello Kitty

10,000 women attended a rally in Nairobi, and 1 million have signed a petition, calling for a law to be passed reserving 50 seats in Parliament for female politicians, reports the BBC.

A man has been sentenced to prison for an indeterminate length of time, after being convicted of raping a teenage girl, then prostituting her to lorry drivers in return for diesel, reports The Guardian.

Police in Thailand that break minor rules will be “forced” to wear Hello Kitty armbands, in an attempt to shame them into behaving themselves, reports USAToday. While this is a bit of a silly story, it is still evidence of men being punished by being made to associate with something “girly”. Here’s one senior police officer:

“(Hello) Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It’s not something macho police officers want covering their biceps”

Meanwhile, a study has revealed that young girls trafficked from Nepal to India are returning home infected with HIV, reports the New York Times.

Podcast addicts, check out The Sex History Show. Recent topics include the history of miscegenation in the US, and investigates who first coined “gay” words. Like, um, “gay”.

AfterEllen calls for more real women on TV.

And, finally, Zenobia from Mind the Gap! has dug out an interview with Kira Roessler, the female bassist from one of my favourite bands ever: Black Flag.

Photo by Miss Louisy, shared under a Creative Commons license