I’m a roller girl, in my roller world…

rollerd.jpgThe London Rollergirls have already been getting some great press. Hell, they were even on Richard & Judy (that video is actually worth watching, if, like me, you have no idea what a roller derby is).

Now they’re putting on their first “public exposition”, which I’m guessing means you can go and watch them all roll around really fast and do, um, this:

Derby girls get dressed up, adopt names and personas (“Bette Noir”, “Correctional Felicity” and “Kitty DeCapitate” are just a few of our players) and then get violent on old-school quad roller skates. It’s a fast, furious game – two teams of five race round a track in a tight pack and the designated point-scorer (“jammer”) on each team has to lap the pack to collect points. The rest of the players have to stop them – using full body contact.

Sounds kinda fun actually. So who are the London Rollergirls?

From tattooed punk-rock chicks to athletic sports fanatics, the London Rollergirls are a diverse collection of women from different corners of the globe & varied backgrounds. As it will be the first public exposition of roller derby in the UK, this is an exciting step forward for the sport, and we hope you can make it!

The Great Rock ‘n’ Rollerderby Swindle takes place on Saturday 8 September, in North London. There’s more info on their website. It costs only £7 and the action kicks off at 5pm.