Introducing our new blogger: Samara Ginsberg

samarag.jpgWe have a new addition here at The F Word family: Samara Ginsberg is joining us as a regular blogger. You might remember her name from her contributions to the main F Word site, such as ‘Honey! Your vagina needs a mint’, and First Impressions – respectively about the conspiracy to make us feel bad about our ladyparts and stereotypes of feminists. The really eagle-eyed among you will notice she already posted once today, about J-Lo’s cellulite.

I’ll let her describe herself:

I’m 24, have been female for as long as I can remember and have

been a feminist ever since a gang of boys at nursery school told me that

girls weren’t allowed to play with toy cars. My background is in classical

music journalism and I am currently editing the British and International

Music Yearbook. When I’m not busy defacing women’s magazines I enjoy

classical music, martial arts and Curly Wurlys.

So keep an eye out for her contributions :)