Lingerie firm shuns photoshop in favour of real women

non photoshopped modelsOK, it’s hideously expensive, but kudos to Lille Boutique for using non-photoshopped models to advertise their lingerie.

The Portland, Oregan boutique sells ‘bralettes’ for $225 each. On sale. But at least if you do pay this much, you have a slightly more realistic idea of how it looks on. Of course, the company uses the same thin and gorgeous-in-a-patriarchy-approved-way models. But at least they are real human beings, with visible flaws – birthmarks, skin that doesn’t look like plastic, etc. Fleshbot (NSFW) adds freckles to the list, which as freckly sort of person I object to strenuously.

They also can’t see why anyone would advertise something in this way, in this day and age. I disagree. If I was going to shell out a huge amount of money for something I’d never tried on, because I was going to buy it on the internet, I’d feel a lot better knowing that it at least looked good on a real human.