Men more confident than women on workplace equality

Men and white people are confident that women and ethnic minorities will have an easier time in the workplace a decade from now, according to a Business Week poll

The magazine surveyed 2,000 executives, and found that folks with privilege are much more confident that sections of the workforce that experience discrimination now, will see their experiences improve within 10 years. Women and ethnic minorities are still confident, but not nearly as blase:

83% of men and 77% of women agree that it will be “easier for women to get ahead in business” 10 years from now;

81% of whites and 68% of “non-whites” agree that it will be “easier for racial and ethnic minorities to get ahead in business” 10 years from now.

As Feminist Law Professors notes:

These data suggest that people who are race- and/or gender-privileged have a more sanguine view of how easy it is to “get ahead” than do those without such privilege.

Photo by maz hewitt, shared under a Creative Commons license