Sun has fun with women’s body parts

Head on over to The Sun’s website to create a mashup of your favourite celebrity. As you can see from the example on the left, the tabloid has managed to eerily capture the media’s penchant for reducing women to tits and arse and, in this case, legs and heads.

EVER wondered what Kate Moss would look like with Keeley’s boobs?

Or how Kelly Brook would look flat-chested like Keira?

Rather than creating the “dream celeb bod”, the results of the game remind me of one of Mikhaela Reid’s nightmare concoctions.

It’s interesting to me that The Sun has produced a game that is designed to make the women lauded as particularly beautiful seem hideous. It makes me wonder why they want to do this? Is it another example of the media tapping in to the supposed desire of female readers to trash the beauty icons they have created? Is it a case of taking these (for the most part) successful actors and musicians down a peg? Or is it simply a manifestation that these women, and all women, are no more than the sum of their parts? (Note: the only non-white female body part that I could find was Halle Berry’s head.)

(via Feminist Philosophers)