The bra you can never take off

Israeli researchers are developing a silicon bra – which is surgically implanted under your skin, to permanently prevent sagging! Yes, it’s really horrifying.

Israel21c reports:

Dr. Eyal Gur, head of microsurgery at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital: “I call it an internal bra. All women are looking for the right bra that will hold their breasts in the position they like or prefer aesthetically. There’s an increasing trend towards buying push-up bras to enhance the upward breast pull.

“So I was thinking that with a harness created from materials used in medicine – silicon, threads and very small anchoring screws – we could support breast tissue and avoid further breast sagging.”

The procedure is minimally invasive requiring two small openings through which the device is attached to the ribs.

Sounds pretty invasive to me! Gur justifies it, by saying that it is less invasive than other boob jobs. But still.