What happened in a place called Dunbar Village

Every once in a while a truely horrific story comes along, which undermines your belief in essential human goodness. This is one of those stories, so if you don’t want to read about it, stop right here.

A Haitian woman living in a poor, black housing project in Florida called Dunbar Village was gang raped and sodomised by 10 teenage boys, while they beat her 12 year old son in another room, reports the St Petersberg Times. She was then forced to perform oral sex on her son. The teenagers then poured detergent over them both, temporarily blinding the boy. The attackers took photos on their mobile phones and one left a used condom in the apartment.

Nobody came to help – although the walls of their apartment were described as “paper thin” – during or after the attack. No-one even called the police or an ambulance. They ended up walking to hospital to get help – a journey of one mile. Here’s one of the lovely residents:

“So a lady was raped. Big deal,” resident Paticiea Matlock said. “There’s too much other crime happening here.”

Three teenage boys have been charged, seven roam free. They apparently belong to a lionised local gang.

Via What About Our Daughters, which has an extensive post on the crime, looking into some of the factors which contributed. She also has details of how to donate to a victims’ fund.