Carnivals Up

There are new Carnival’s up at these pages:

Carnival of Radical Feminism

Carnival Against Sexual Violence is up here. With special mention to the two F Word blog posts that get a mention which are this one on sexual violence in Jamaica and this one on on Cosmo’s rape-that-isn’t-rape (the Carnival has lots of articles relating to the Cosmo thing).

Carnival of Radical Feminists

Meanwhile highlights from the Carnival of Radical Feminists include StaceyAnn Chin’s slam poem (second on the clip) about the sort of woman she wants to be and Barbara Ehrenreich’s blog posts on the impacts of recent US economic policy on the poor, working class, minority ethnic and female populations of the US.

And, whilst we’re talking of Slam Poetry (well mentioning it above with StaceyAnn Chin) here’s another fabulous one by Sonya “The Drama” Boom Renee on abortion rights put up at MenstrualPoetry.