Doing my hair in the kitchen, stomping on Posh with my stilettos.

Tesco have it all figured out, ladies and gentlemen: men like music, playing guitar, DJing, watching films, buying cars and, of course, boobies, while women like fashion, gossip, hair and cooking.

This invaluable information was imparted to me via my local superstore’s new magazine section layout: under Men’s Lifestyle (printed on a blue background, no less) we find not only the inevitable tit, ass and misogyny filled lads’ mags, but also titles such as Empire, Autotrader, Kerrang, Total Guitar and the magazine I – a woman – was shockingly looking for, NME.

Under Women’s Lifestyle (printed on a pinky purple background – nice) are collected the hordes of identical women’s monthlies, gossip rags like Heat and apparently the female equivalent of T&A – Good Food.

And quite rightly so, I’m sure you’ll agree – what real woman would be interested in anything other than cooking, grooming and bitching?