Feminists fightback (again)

Feminist Fightback is organising a free conference on Saturday 20 October, to take place at the University of East London.

With the tagline “we’re still here, we’re still angry, we’re still fighting”, the conference is now in its second year. According to the website, it is organised by socialist feminists, however if you don’t identify as a socialist don’t let that put you off as it is also open to “feminists of all ages and political backgrounds” and “aims to bring together feminists from a wide range of perspectives to debate ideas and develop practical strategies for fighting women’s oppression and exploitation”.

Topics include:

  • Ecofeminism
  • Islamic feminism
  • Race, class and sex
  • The gender pay gap, low pay and class struggle
  • Feminists against borders

Registration details and directions to the campus can be found here