Tory MP arrested for assault on wife, Party refuses to comment

Conservative MP for Croydon Central, Andrew Pelling (48), was arrested on Tuesday during an investigation into an assault on his wife, Lucy (26). That the House of Commons would shelter domestically violent people isn’t really a surprise. .

Mr Pelling has previously been accused by his first wife of not only infidelity (Ms Slaytor’s relationship with Mr Pelling started whilst he was still married) but of treating her “like a doormat”. His new wife, Lucy, whom he married in November is now pregnant and has left the marital home. She is also jobless as she previously worked as Mr Pelling’s parliamentary assistant. Lucy had announced her seven week pregnancy to Mr Pelling at the weekend, apparently the time the assault took place. Lucy has now taken out an injunction against Mr Pelling to prevent further contact. The Daily Telegraph has more details.

What is a surprise, perhaps, is that the Conservative Party refused to comment or condemn other than to confirm the details of the arrest. They refused to say whether, if found guilty, Mr Pelling would be expelled from the party or asked to resign his seat. Interestingly today’s “main story” at the Croydon Conservatives homepage isn’t the arrest of their MP (and London Assembly member) but that the council tax rise is the lowest in five years. Guess that gives us some idea of priorities!