Da boch chi, Mind the Gap

Cardiff-based activist group Mind the Gap! has announced that it is shutting down its blog.

Winter posted a message today:

After 3 years and 575 posts, we have decided that this blog project has run its course.

However, it’s not all bad. Mind the Gap is planning to relaunch online in a new format:

This isn’t an ending, it’s a new beginning. In the next few days we’ll be moving to new quarters and relaunching in a different format, which we think will better suit the needs of this group.

Let’s hope that Mind the Gap doesn’t change too much, because we do love them so. Especially because the blog is connected to an activist group, which meets in the real world.

Here are some of our favourite posts (taken from the ones we’ve linked to before):

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Keep up the good work, ladies. And don’t be gone for too long!