‘Daily feminist activities for boys’ (and men)

Are you a man or a boy who would like some instructions on how to make a difference? You could do no better than to check out Laurie Penny’s ‘daily feminist activities for boys’, over at her new blog at Red Pepper magazine.

Some examples:

4. Shave your armpits

Most girls do it. You should too. Why do we do it? Because armpit hair is icky. Why should you do it? Because armpit hair is icky.

There, I’m glad I got that one off my chest.

3. Stand up for yourself

Gender stereotyping works both ways. The next time someone tells you, even in jest, you’re useless/unfeeling/clumsy/ emotionally stunted/ lack creativity/ are sexually boorish/bad at cooking purely because you’re male, don’t take it. Remind them how angry they’d get – and rightly so- if the sentiment were reversed. Gender discrimination, any gender discrimination, lessens all of us, and you have a right to refuse to be implicated in it.

Check out the whole list here.

Photo by Grant Neufeld, shared under a Creative Commons license