Request for help with research project

This is not a usual blog, it is a (cheeky) request for help if at all possible. I am currently involved in a research project investigating the provision of care for people with disabilities. I am looking at Autism and Down’s Syndrome specifically, and if anyone has experience working with/caring for children with these conditions and would be willing to talk about it that would be great. Through the research I am hoping to determine the problems encountered by people with these conditions, and what needs to be done to ensure that they are provided with every opportunity.

I have discovered that many parents of Down’s Syndrome children are paying for cosmetic surgery to alter the physical characteristics of the condition. Do you have any experience with Down’s Syndrome children as a parent or carer? Do you know someone who has paid for their child to have surgery? Part of the investigation will look at social acceptance, and the extent to which people can be discriminated against on the basis of their disability.

Finally, it was suggested by a colleague of mine that women are expected to take full responsibility for the care of children with disabilities. Personally, I was not entirely convinced of this argument, and wondered if men played an equal role. Are you a carer? Parent? Do you think this argument is unfair or valid? What are your thoughts on this issue?

If you have any experience and thoughts at all (even if not strictly confined to the above points about disabilities) and would be happy to share them, please do e-mail me at [email protected]. Your comments will be treated in the strictest of confidence, and I would be very appreciative of any help at all. I will remove this blog in a few days time.

Many thanks x