The F Word Podcast – episode two!

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Some months ago, we recorded episode one of our brand new podcast. It’s taken us longer than we thought to record episode two, but it is finally here for you to download!

Click here to download Episode Two of The F Word podcast

This time we talked about a recent Marie Claire feature on rebranding feminism. The magazine asked three agencies to come up with adverts that sell feminism to the general public – we rate their efforts, and talk about the problematic concept that feminism needs to be repackaged to make it more appealing. Here are the ads, in the order we talk about them – just to give you some context:




Then we move on to consider how feminists can avoid getting into self-destructive arguments about controversial issues such as pornography.

The episode’s podcasters were: Lynne Miles, Holly Combe (arriving fashionably late), Louise Livesey, Laura, Polly Cassidy and me.

Our new F Word podcast themetune is by the lovely Laura Kidd. You may remember her recent feature about volunteering at Ladies Rock! – the three day camp for aspiring rock stars. The song is Pull You Down, and it is from her solo project She Makes War. If the way the intro is cut seems weird, that is because I did it. However, if you listen to the end of the podcast you will get to hear the whole song.

Photo by fensterbme, shared under a Creative Commons license