There are more feminists out there than you realise

When people think about or talk about feminists, there is a tendency to look for the big-names. Whether that be Gloria Steinem or Jessica Valenti of Feministing. Feminist celebrities, in other words.

But the worst-told story of feminism is just how many ordinary women and men there are out there who consider themselves feminists – which is why I love the idea of GIRLdrive – which is, basically, two women driving around the US asking women if they are feminists, then interviewing them.

Emma and Nona began their roadtrip on 15 October, and you can already find some of their stories about and photos of the women they’ve met so far. At the end of the trip, they plan to produce a book documenting their experiences.

To take a random example, in Detroit they met Sarah and Carmen:

[Sarah has] been working at a bike shop for 5 years, ever since her own bike broke and she had no choice but to ask a man to fix it for her. She decided she would learn how to do it herself so that the next time it happened, she wouldn’t have to go through bullshit. Both C + S agree that the auto industry brings an extra air of macho to the city, that’s it’s just that much harder to be a respected, capable woman. Sarah tells me that men come into the bike shop, and are immediately doubtful, like, “Are you SURE you know what you’re doing, babe?”

Painting by Miriam Laufer, grandmother of Sarah from GIRLdrive

(Via Feministing)