And while I’m on the subject…

If I want to binge drink (and bear in mind that I need only consume a measly 6 units according to the government in order to do so) I will bloody well binge drink, and if some bastard decides to rape me then it is not my fricking fault. I am NOT going to climb up on the waggon in order to avoid being raped because if we’re talking supposedly logical and practical steps I can take to avoid such a fate befalling me (avoid mentioning the subject, avoid mentioning the subject… men, oops, bad me) these would include never spending any time with my father, avoiding heterosexual relationships and living only with other females. Sounds harsh, yes, but logic dictates that this be my course of action, considering only 8% of rapes are committed by strangers to the victim and I am statistically far more likely to be sexually assualted in my own home than in any other location (British Crime Survey 2001 stats).

Am I going to move out of my flat, stop seeing all my male friends and relations and only have relationships with women? No. So I sure as hell am not going to stop drinking because there is an even smaller chance than in the former situation that I will be raped if I carry on.

Stop blaming women, alright? Now, I’m off to the pub.