Buffy wouldn’t have posed for Maxim

I have to admit, my reaction to seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s photoshoot for Maxim was almost exactly the same as dorothy snarker from AfterEllen: what would Buffy say?

Yes, I know, I know – I am over identifying Gellar with her best character, but I can’t help but be disappointed in her. In fact, Gellar has consistantly disappointed since she hung up her crucifix and ditched her wooden stake to… um… take on a range of tried-and-tested, passive roles, like horror victim (The Grudge remake), not to mention a porn star in her latest film. I’ve not liked her in anything since, basically – and she seems weirdly keen on seperating herself from, not just the Buffy role, but the Buffy ethos of strong, empowered woman.

“I’m 30, and I’m promoting a bunch of different kinds of movies. I like to shake things up every once in a while. It’s good to leave people wanting more, but I don’t want to leave them waiting too long or they’ll lose interest. Besides, how could I not do a Maxim shoot when I have a movie coming out in which I play a porn star?”