Carrie from Sleater Kinney has a blog

Here’s some good news for the legions of Sleater Kinney fans who have been pining since the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2006, Carrie Brownstein, guitarist and sometimes-singer for the late, great SK now has her own music blog at NPR.

You can find the blog, called Monitor Mix, here. As well as reading Brownstein’s musings on contemporary music, you can find out interesting facts such as: all her pets are black and white; she has never lived outside the Pacific Northwest; and she only spent about £25 on her last electricity bill.

OK, you probably need to be a pretty big SK fan to appreciate these insights, but Brownstein also has a very interesting angle for her blog:

I would rather discuss and examine what it is that people actually consume than to tell you what you should be listening to. There are already plenty of great blogs and online resources that tell us what the best new music is or that unearth rarities and lost classics. Though I might occasionally review a piece of music, I would rather explore the contexts and the ways in which we enjoy or maybe even despise it.

Photo of Brownstein at her most rockstarish by Damon Green, shared under a Creative Commons license