Don’t forget to Reclaim the Night!

Sick of being asked if you’re ‘OK to walk home’ after dark, assuring concerned friend that you are, and spending the whole journey home rehearsing what you’d do if you were attacked while simultaneously telling yourself to stop being silly because you know that statistically you’re actually much more at risk in the home?

Well I know I am! Which is why I’m getting myself down to London this Saturday 24th November to Reclaim The Night with hundreds of other women. Together we will march through the capital to protest against male violence against women and assert our right to walk the streets free of fear.

The march kicks off at 6pm in Trafalgar Square and is women only – in keeping with the theme of asserting our right to walk at night without a male escort – and is followed by a mixed rally and party at the University of London Union. More info here.

See you there!