Making the blog easier for you to use!

newthings-1.jpgEagle-eyed readers will have noticed some changes here at The F Word’s blog. You told us that it wasn’t easy enough to find the permanent links for blog posts, so we changed it.

Each post now has its own page – you can find the link at the bottom of every blog entry, clearly labeled as the permanent link. We hope this is an improvement on the old system of cunningly concealing the permanent link as a date stamp. This should make it much easier for you to send your friends links to blog posts you think they may be interested in, or link to us on your own blog – we love it when you do that, by the way!

If you have linked to us in the past, using the old system, don’t worry – your links will still work.

As well as this, we’ve added a link to our feedback form at the bottom of every post, to make it easier for you to send us comments about particular posts.

If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve The F Word, please do get in touch.