New resource for FEMinist activists

Hopefully some of you had a chance to attend the fabulous FEM 07 Conference this year, which featured in February’s round-up by Jess. For those who didn’t make it, you can imagine you were there via Natalie Bennett’s review here.

The energy around the conferences (there have been three) has been so high that a new resource and networking site has just been launched:

Called FEM SOC (hat tip to university student societies or SOCs), the site is designed for grassroots feminist activists. It aims to:

  • Celebrate grassroots feminist activism
  • Inspire individuals to get active in feminism
  • Provide information and resources to support activism

It’s like a hub for feminist mobilisation. Activists from around the country can dip and out of the resources, share tools, strategies and successes, and generally be supported to get active.

It’s also designed for anyone who wants to learn more about feminism and is thinking about what they can do to get involved.

For info on how to contribute or to help develop the project email Kat Banyard (founder of FEM Conferences).