Pippi creator’s 100th birthday

The creator of Pippi Longstocking would have turned 100 yesterday, reports AFP.

Astrid Lindgren’s most famous creation was, according to Wikipedia, “very unconventional, assertive, rich and extraordinarily strong, being able to lift her horse one-handed without difficulty”. The first four books were published from 1941-48.

I’ve never read them myself – or seen the TV series or watch the movie, but Lina from the blog kardemumma explains her impact well:

Today Astrid Lindgren would have turned 100 years old. I cried all the way on the metro to the university. Because she’s dead, and I’m grown up, growing old. Remember this?

“Snälla lilla krumelur, jag vill aldrig bliva stur.”

(Pippi, Tommy and Annika taking “krumelurpiller” – pills that will prevent them from growing up – and you had to say “stur”, not “stor” = big/old – otherwise you’d grow super big).

Jag blev stur :(

Photo of Astrid Lindgren from Wikipedia, shared under a Creative Commons license