Welcome to our new blogger… Carrie Dunn

1707014942_0bc61b6db8%282%29.jpgI am pleased to announce that Carrie Dunn is joining The F Word’s blogging team. Carrie was the writer behind a couple of our recent features – including The media has failed women’s football, about the coverage of the women’s world cup, and most recently TV for men about the new channel Dave, and why it is damaging to assume that the natural audience for “witty banter” shows is men. She’s already started blogging, too – you can check out her take on Strictly Come Dancing below.

But there’s more of Carrie than that, of course! She is a writer, specialising in sport, community issues, lifestyle and education. After studying English literature to masters level, she decided that

the cultural contexts of books interested her more than what was written inside them, and shifted academic disciplines to sociology and media. She’s currently ploughing on with her PhD thesis examining female sports fandom, and when she’s not at a sporting event you’re likely to find her watching performing arts-based talent shows on telly, or scouring the West End and fringe theatres for new musicals. She lives in London.

Welcome to the team, Carrie!