Abby Lee – Blogger, Author, Sexual Health Ambassador

‘Abby Lee’, the Girl With A One Track Mind, has agreed to get on board (ho ho!) with Brooks sexual health clinics to be a sexual health ambassador.

If you don’t already know ‘Abby’ (real name Zoe Margolis) from her blog, you may know her from her bestselling book of the same name, reviewed on the f-word by Catherine back at the beginning of the year. In fact – why not treat yourself to a copy from our new f-word bookstore?!

Both the book and the blog (which are fantastic) are littered with talk of condoms, safe sex and respect (as well as masturbation, multiple orgasms and sex toys), which makes her a brilliant, positive role model for young women and men who are just learning about sex and sexuality.

The Chief Executive of Brook says:

“Working with Zoe gives Brook an amazing opportunity to reach young people with open and honest advice on their sexual health and relationships. It also provides a platform from which to improve the debate on sex and relationships in this country, a debate which is so often hijacked by people determined to judge young people on the basis of myths and misinformation. Zoe’s passion to change this debate and her public influence amongst our target group is a strength that Brook is looking forward to drawing on.”

Zoe herself says of her new appointment:

“I believe that everyone has a right to choose sex that is fulfilling, consensual and safe. Young people deserve this too and I’m thrilled to be working with Brook to help make positive, healthy sexual relationships a reality for more people.”

For more about Zoe from the f-word, check out Abby O’Reilly’s interview with her here.