Cameron’s bid to make the Tories sympathetic towards rape victims

David Cameron has been speaking out against Britains low rape conviction rate, and has been calling for longer prison sentences for convicted rapists, plus changes in school sex education, and more rape counselling centres. As the report shows, our statistics are quite revealing when compared to those of other European countries, albeit not in the ways you would initially think. According to the British Crime Survey, only 60% of women subjected to forced sex are willing to call it rape, which naturally has an impact on statistics of reported rapes. The Conservative party, of course, has a chequered history so far as sex education is concerned, and it would be interesting to see if this is another example of ‘Call me’ Dave’s attempt to woo the voters with a seemingly more caring image, or if he really means any of it. As the article points out, he spoke of sex and violence in music and the media influencing behaviour, before walking out to The Killers, which suggests a lack of thought (still, at least it wasn’t the Stranglers…) as well as hinting towards another attempt to look youth conscious or whatever.