Careers advisor slams up against sexism in the workplace, etc

I have a love/hate relationship with careers blogger Penelope Trunk, but today I just feel really bad for her.

After her popular careers advice column was dropped by Yahoo!, Trunk posted this missive on how to deal with being fired. But she slips this revelation in:

Here’s what a career advisor does when she is being fired: She tries to remember the advice she gives to everyone else when they are getting fired.

I asked if there’s another place I can write at Yahoo. This tactic is straight out of the book: Use your last moments to network, even if you are getting fired.

Here’s what my boss’s boss’s boss said: “You should write for Lifestyles. That is more women oriented.”

Immediately I was reminded of when my column was cancelled at Business 2.0 magazine. After I had recently announced that I was pregnant and said I did not plan to take any time off from writing the column.

It’s rare that we get this kind of insight into the hiring/firing process. On a similar theme, Krish Ashok explains what is holding women back in India’s thriving IT sector. Depressing reading.

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Photo of the Women’s Building in San Francisco by Steve Rhodes, shared under a Creative Commons license