New features! New reviews!

Anorexia may be a very specific medical condition, but, argues Katie Muller, self-hating image-obsession is something most women experience.

On the political front, Jessica Metheringham takes apart the way that women are dismissed as depoliticised, floating voters.

Crime reporting of male violence against women selectively uses gender-neutral language for the attacker, but not the victim, says Jennifer Drew.

From ‘hostile cervical mucus’ to doctors that refuse to speak directly to pregnant women, Jane Purcell takes us inside the delivery room.

Emma Wood argues that the Home Office policy on gender rights contains some sexist and essentialist ideas about the working of the male and female brain.

Meanwhile, I review Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!

And Dawn Kofie reviews the TV make-over show How to Look Good Naked.