Pilot ‘cut domestic violence by two thirds’

A scheme which gives victims of domestic violence their own advocate in dealing with police, social services, housing authorities and other services, has cut the incidence of violence by two thirds, reports the Independent.

As well as helping women to protect themselves in their own homes – meaning they don’t have to go to a shelter, the scheme drove up detection of domestic violence:

The largest project is at Worthing, West Sussex, where 10 IDVAs are attached to the accident and emergency departments of Worthing and Crawley hospitals. Detection of domestic violence rose from one case a year to one a day after A&E staff began routinely asking women how they were injured.

The group that implemented the pilot, Co-ordinated Action on Domestic Abuse, estimates it needs £50 million to take the service nationwide – so write to your MP! Not that it matters terribly, but this “would save £5 for every £1 spent”.