What an expression! Must be the work of man, apparently!

The following sequence of facial expressions was posted over at Oomsa, a site described by the owner through a plagiarised statement as “about me and why everything I like is great.” I am assuming the brains behind this endeavour is a man owing to the nature of the recent post, reproduced below:

Now, I’m always up for a laugh, but there was something about this that really grated. I don’t know if it’s the implication that a woman is predictable, the idea that her reactions can be summed up nicely with 12 photo captions, or the assumption that man can have such an influence on a woman’s reactions. Maybe it is a combination of all three? Numbers 7 and 8 are particularly patronising, and while I don’t endorse the idea that two wrongs make a right, I do wonder if the creator of Oomsa would be willing to help with my own little experiment about men’s facial expressions? Pained: Pinched face, red cheeks, narrowed eyes, looks like he’s gasping for breath. How to cause this: Kick him squarely in the balls. It’s all in the name of comedy after all, right?