Internet application supposed to help women orgasm

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Wondering how to while away those winter nights during the new year? Well, look no further than the new iPhone application Rubmyclit, a programme which claims to be able to enhance one’s capacity to “please your girl” as a “true finger master.”

This has been designed for the iPhone, and relies on touch screen technology to be effective:

“You have to place two of your favourite fingers horizontal on the screen and start rubbing, making circles, touch her at that special place… whatever you think will make her horny (if the screen shakes, lift up your fingers and start again).”

Rubmyclit does not have a sophisticated title, but it claims to do what it says on the tin – that is maximise a woman’s sexual pleasure through hand stimulation. OK, maybe this is positive, in that it does illustrate a recognition that a woman’s initmate needs do need to be catered for successfully, although was this the primary aim of this product?

Allowing women to peruse the highscores in order to “find yourself a date” cannot but make me suspect that this whole enterprise was created to try and boost the male ego. One of the biggest claims that can strike terror in the underpants of any man is the claim by a female partner that he has been unable to find her clitoris, and so this application is supposed to rectify this problem. Whether or not this is likely to result in women receiving more gratification, the “shaking of the screen” is not likely to get anyone off other than the person attempting to prove they are some sort of sexual aficionado.

Maybe this may help some women to reach orgasm during a sexual tryst, (which can only be a good thing), but I cannot help but think it will be something laughed at by groups of men who want to prove to each other how skilled they are, at the same time negating the importance of female sexual gratification to overbearing machismo. Why else have a highscores list if the sole intention of the application was to act as a teaching device?