The ‘full-on gender indoctrination mind-control programme’

I generally love ‘overheard’ posts, and this one by PortlyDyke at Shakesville is no exception.

Here is the exchange overheard at a Safeway’s supermarket between a mother and her 18 month-old:

Mommy: “No, that’s the little girl bear. See her pink pajamas?”

Baby: “Bahy Bear.”

Mommy: “No, that’s the girl bear. See, she has a pink bow!”

Baby: “Bahy Bear!”

Mommy: “Honey, that’s a girl bear. Look! Isn’t she pretty?”

Baby: “Grr Bear.”

Mommy: “That’s right! Good”

How horrible is that?! PortlyDyke generously interprets the last part of this conversation: “…when mommy proceeded with a full-on gender indoctrination mind-control program, Progressive Baby[tm] finally responded with the appropriately savage: “Grrrrrr!!! Bear!” — her tiny lip curling in disgust above perfect, pearly, milk-teeth”.

I also thought this was a good point:

The authentic resistance of Progressive Baby[tm] reminded me that gender roles in our society are not some innate, universal human reality that arise from “how men/women ARE” — they have to be constantly enforced and reinforced — and even an 18-month old can see the absolutely arbitrary nature of the color-code that is being shoved down her throat — she can see quite easily that the bears are identical in every respect — only their outfits genderize them.

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