The Women’s Memorial

Debs at Feminist Fire has dedicated a page of her blog to women who have died as a result of unsafe, illegal abortion:

The World Health Organisation estimates that 200 women a day die from unsafe abortions.

If I knew the names of those 200 women who are estimated to die everyday, I would list them here. Unfortunately, the majority of women who die from illegal and unsafe abortions are anonymous to us – we are only told the numbers.

Here are the names I have managed to find of women who had their lives taken away, leaving families and loved ones behind, because they were denied the right to choose. This list is far from comprehensive, and if you know the names of any other women who have suffered this needless fate, please let me know and I will add them here.

I think it’s a fantastic illustration of why ‘pro-lifers’ are anything but, and a powerful call to all pro-choicers to make our voices heard.

Photo by Trinity-of-One, shared under a Creative Commons license.