Can I just say (close your ears, Grandma!) …

This quote, from Jess’s post below, is possibly one of the sickest, most angrifying things I’ve ever read:

Aubert pictures men by the hundreds praying, chanting — and waving signs: “I regret my abortion.”

It’s not your fucking body, and its not your damn abortion, you heartless, self-obsessed, phallocentric fuckwits.

Thank you.

I will now return to ploughing through Le Deuxieme sexe for my French feminism essay. Although, before I go, let me share with you the now second most irritating anti-women quote of the day, from that great favourite of French lit students, Balzac (blergh):

Woman’s destiny, and her sole source of glory, is to make man’s heart beat faster. Woman is property that one acquires through a contract; strictly speaking, she is nothing more than an appendage to man.

If only he was simply describing the situation of women at the time. But, no, this is apparently women’s essential, inherent worth. For any French students reading, this might be one to store away and bring out next time your French teacher threatens to inflict Balzac’s literature upon you…